VCOM Matrix Intercom Control Panel for Android With Multi-Channel Video Support

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Intracom Systems, LLC has released a beta VCOM Control Panel for Android with multi-channel video support. The app can be downloaded at:

The new app is designed for scenarios where network
based multi-channel video monitoring combined with matrix
communications is required. In the broadcast industry the
networks typically monitor what others are reporting and this might be
a great application utilizing ComScreen (our Android based desktop
phone) to combine matrix intercom and video. In the financial services
industry the banks and traders monitor business news — similarly
using ComScreen traders can talk / listen on Hoots while monitoring
Bloomberg TV, CNBC and other business news sources.

Control Panel With Video Tutorial

Orange selectors are video selectors. There are several of them
programmed to guest accounts on the VCOM demo server. Tap to activate thumbnail video. Tap again for full screen video and audio (make sure your Android device’s media audio is turned up). Tap again to return to thumbnail. Tap the orange portion of the selector to turn video off.




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sbrandVCOM Matrix Intercom Control Panel for Android With Multi-Channel Video Support

VCOM v5.0 Matrix Intercom & Wireless Intercom System Now Available

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Wireless intercom VCOM system admin interface

VCOM v5.0 New Features and Capabilities

  • Web Tools: Browser based VCOM System Administration application; REST API available to partners and customers to integrate some or all VCOM Matrix capabilities into their workflow; VCOM WebRTC Control Panel (beta) runs on all major web browsers including Chrome, Edge, and
  • Seamless Integration of VCOM Matrix with SIP Phone Services:New VCOM
    Control Panel for Android incorporates Phone Dial Pad, Contacts, and
    Call History pages. Users can simultaneously place and receive phone
    calls while engaged in non-blocking matrix intercom communications.
  • SIPREC Recording: Integration of industry recording standard SIPREC enables recording from VCOM to SIPREC complaint third party recording platforms.
  • Multi-channel Video Monitoring and Routing: Integrated streaming media server within the VCOM Matrix enables multi-channel RTSP network streaming. Easily program and assign video selectors to VCOM clients. Ideal for “confidence video” feeds to VCOM users from third party video monitoring and routing solutions.
  • VR-360: New Android and iOS clients combine core VCOM capabilities, geo-positioning, and multi-channel video into an innovative 360 swipe-and-pinch UI and Virtual Reality experience.


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sbrandVCOM v5.0 Matrix Intercom & Wireless Intercom System Now Available

VCOM Matrix Intercom Application for NASA Deep Space Gateway Cislunar Program

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NASA’s Cislunar Human Outpost

NASA is pressing ahead with plans for a cislunar “gateway” outpost for
future human missions to space. Concepts are being studied for
launching the first elements of the proposed outpost. The outpost will
be a collection of habitation, cargo and other modules that could
support crews working in lunar orbit or elsewhere in cislunar space
for extended periods. Orion spacecraft would ferry astronauts to and
from the outpost, where they could test technologies and perform other
work needed to support NASA’s long-term plans for human missions to
Mars in the 2030s.

VCOM-to-Deep Space Gateway

Intracom is working with NASA to implement a VCOM-to-VCOM SIP trunk
over a space-to-ground comm link based on Delay / Disruption Tolerant
Networking (DTN). According to NASA engineers, this capability has
potentially extensive use in the Deep Space Gateway (DSG) cislunar
program over the next decade.

A Lockheed Martin concept of a cislunar outpost that could support future human missions to the moon or elsewhere. Credit: Lockheed Martin












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sbrandVCOM Matrix Intercom Application for NASA Deep Space Gateway Cislunar Program