Wireless Intercom Systems

VCOM Wireless Intercom System App on iPhones

Wireless Intercom Solutions

VCOM Wireless Intercom brings the richness of ProCom functionality to Android Devices and the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Leverage any combo of Android or iOS VCOM Control Panels to add mobile clients to any existing VCOM System or use a stand-alone wireless intercom system.

  • Supports thousands of users to talk hands-free, privately, or in conference in full duplex;
  • Virtually unlimited channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls, and party lines;
  • Supports push-to-latch or momentary mode on any control key and supports all typical hardware matrix control panel operations;
  • User over WiFi or Data Cellular (3G, 4G);
  • Readily interfaces with virtually any number of external communications systems;
  • No radio frequency restraints.

iPak turns the familiar Apple iPod Touch or iPhone into the ultimate wireless beltpack solution by integrating an extended life battery case, SmartTouch™ slip-over cover, and belt clip. Single and 5-Bay drop-in charging stations are also available.

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