VLink Virtual Communications

VLink™ is an IP-software multi-channel / multi-access communications solution that intelligently connects to RTS intercoms, creating the optimal fusion of hardware and software capabilities. VLink is highly scalable to thousands of soft keypanel users, supports virtually an unlimited number of point-to-points and PLs, boasts LDAP integration, SNMP traps, AES encryption, and SIPREC recording. VLink consists of the following core components:


VLink Virtual Matrix / Server: multi-threaded, server-side summing/mixing engine with integrated SIP support;

VLink User Interface: client-side GUI for non-blocking, multi-channel, multi-access critical communications;

VLink Device Interface: software interface to easily bridge disparate communication systems including hardware intercoms, two-way radios, and public/private telephone networks;

System Administration Application: administrative user control for dynamic configuration and monitoring of VLink from any workstation on the network.

VLink Virtual Matrix Intercom connectivity

VLink has been used by major broadcasters for communications in News, Sports, and Entertainment programming. Some of the ways Broadcasters can use VLink include:

  • Coordinating the logistics and technical quality for distribution of broadcast content;
  • Providing control room to remote studio communications;
  • Enabling remote producer communications to home base;
  • Local edit room communications;
  • Replacement of analog intercom telephone interfaces with VLink acting as a SIP interface server;
  • VLink on iOS and Android Smartphones and Handhelds for studio wireless communications and belt-pack applications.
VLink WebRTC Control Panel with comms and video

Matrix communications based on WebRTC technology

Monitor video feeds from the Control Panel

Connect to RTS hardware and PBX systems

Available on your smartphone

The VLink WebRTC Control Panel brings always on, nonblocking, multi-channel communications to VLink users’ web browsers running on virtually any Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or Mac. Being a web-based solution simplifies integration and increases flexibility making VLink an ideal choice for your company’s communication needs.

Video Capabilities

Monitor HTTPS video feeds directly from the Control Panel.


Telephony / IP-PBX functionality is seamlessly integrated into the VLink WebRTC Control Panel. Any phone number can be dialed directly through the VLink browser window. This provides users with a convenient way to reach out to people not on the matrix using standard telephony.


Alerts allow users to send audible sounds and pre-recorded messages to one or more other users. Alerts are perfect for bringing users’ attention to their control panels in mission critical situations.


The VLink Telephone Interface (TIF) solution enables seamless integration between phone systems with SIP support and RTS ADAM or ODIN intercoms. The solution is ideal for use in broadcast studios and mobile units to provide IFB, camera coords, and conferences. Configuration, monitoring, and establishing calls is handled through a single web page. Features include:

  • Intuitive GUI that displays all phone lines color coded by status: on-hook (gray), connecting (green flash), off-hook (green), disconnecting (red flash)
  • Individual phone line configuration menus
  • On-screen dialer
  • Audio input and output gain level adjustments in +/- 6db intervals

VLink TIF supports analog, MADI, and Dante connections to interconnect audio between phone systems with SIP support and RTS ADAM Keypanels. If Dante is selected, Audinate’s Dante virtual sound card is loaded on the VLink server and a RTS OMNEO Dante matrix card is inserted in the ADAM frame.

VLink TIF User Interface

Wireless Intercom on iOS & Android

VLink turns the familiar Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android device into the ultimate wireless intercom system.

While traditional systems use the increasingly congested RF (Radio Frequency) and distance limited wireless spectrum, VLink allows communications over standard WiFi, 3G, 4G with no distance limitations between devices and no complicated RF antenna set-up.

VLink allows for a virtually unlimited number of users and channels, and with flexible button programmability can meet the most demanding wireless communications requirements.

VLink Wireless Broadcast Intercom App Interface


Traditional touchscreen tablets typically fall short with their small speakers and insufficient microphone clarity.

With superb audio fidelity and echo cancellation, ComScreen™ is the latest VLink compatible user station certified for use with VLink Virtual Intercom systems and optimized for desktop use. ComScreen has a large speaker and strategically placed internal microphone for bringing intercom audio up close and personal without the need for a hampering gooseneck microphone.

With all the operational features VLink users are familiar with, ComScreen provides a compact solution for a variety of desktop user station requirements.

Full Specifications

Provision your own VLink server or we can do it for you pre-configured with your VLink Virtual Matrix software.

VCOM Wireless Broadcast Intercom Handheld System


  • Form Factor: 19″ 2U Short Depth (15.4″) Rackmount
  • Processor: 3.20GHz Intel Core i7 w/ 6 cores
  • Hard Drive: 250GB SSD
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4
  • LAN: Onboard Gigabit LAN; 2-Port Ethernet Adapter Card
  • USB: 4 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0
  • Audio: HD Audio using Realtek Audio Codec
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-Bit Professional
  • Software: Vlink Matrix / SIP Server w/ Device Interface & Dante Virtual Sound Card


Sold Separately: Rackmount A/B Switch for VLink TIF Redundancy using Dante Virtual Soundcard

Unleash the Power of the Internet With VLink Cloud

Your private matrix communications cloud and interoperability solution can be provisioned in minutes and is ideal for interfacing communications systems from disparate locations. The possibilities are limitless.

VLink truly ignites the imagination with all the potential of new age communications, coexisting with traditional matrix intercom frames, supplementing traditional hardware intercom panels, and operating locally or thru internet-based cloud services.

VLink in use with 2020 Olympic Announcement

Demo VLink right now!

Using the links below download, install, and login to our VLink demo server. Note, there is nothing to install with the WebRTC keypanel.

Username: “your name“; Password: “guest“; IP address: “rtsvlink.online” (Alternate system on port 50000; HTTP port 50080)

Basic Functionality and Info for Demos

  • User Interface Selectors (keys) can be configured for Talk, Listen, or Talk/Listen. Red keys are ‘Talks’ and green keys are ‘Listens.’
  • User Interface Selectors dynamically indicate the state of the associated channel -> offline (gray), online (green and/or red), actuated (bright green and/or red), channel activity (color oscillates), incoming call (fast flash — click on the flashing selector to establish a return voice path), device active tally (slow flash), in-use tally (slow double flash)
  • VLink enables full multi channel/multi access, non-blocking communications. You can configure the following types of channels: Point-to-Point (private channel between any two operators); Group Call (one caller to many listeners); Party Line (group conference).
  • FIREWALL INFO FOR NETWORK ADMINS: to connect to the VLink server set up for demos over the public internet allow a TCP connection for data on port 1000 (outbound) and UDP connection for audio on port 1000 (outbound)

Support Documents