Using VCOM Matrix Intercom in Aerospace / NASA Applications Today with SIP

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sev2010 SIP intracoms ystems

The Space Exploration Vehicle is tested as part of Mission Day 2 operations during the 2010 Desert RATS field tests at Black Point Lava Flow, Arizona. Photo credit: NASA; Source:

For the Desert RATS project, NASA built some custom SIP devices (“Session Initiation Protocol”, a VoIP standard) to be located inside a rover vehicle under test to connect with the VCOM server via IP. They made other SIP devices for geologists and mission personnel wearing mission suits to easily operate a PTT (Push-To-Talk) button with gloved hands to open a talk path to the VCOM server over Wi-Fi.

The 100 km by 100 km operation range was created because plans for future extra-terrestrial missions will require autonomous operations for periods of up to two weeks and 100 km away from a base camp.

roverhab SIP

The Tri-ATHLETE heavy lift rover with a HAB module attached and ready to place where needed. Image Credit: NASA; Source:

More about SIP Interconnect

SIP protocol is commonly used for interfacing two-way radios into VCOM for instantaneous patching of disparate radio systems (analog, digital, VHF, UHF, spread spectrum, etc.) linking their respective audio  into “talk groups”. Such talk groups allow interoperability between radio systems that cannot directly connect due to different modulation, frequencies or physical separation beyond the normal reach of the radios. VCOM also allows smart phone, computer, telephone users and other external audio sources to connect and communicate directly to radio users and for handling command & control and dispatch functions.

SIP is also used to connect VoIP telephone devices as terminal devices into the VCOM audio matrix and for connecting VoIP and PSTN lines into VCOM for telephone access or creating telephone conference bridges

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Using VCOM Matrix Intercom in Aerospace / NASA Applications Today with SIP

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