Using VCOM in Aerospace Applications Today with SIP (part3)

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Other Aerospace VCOM Users

Space Applications Services NV/SA (Zaventem, Belgium) uses VCOM for cockpit simulations during development and testing of their on-board avionics systems for use by ESA and others. From their website: “We design and develop state of the art on-board avionics solutions for manned and unmanned mission critical applications in hazardous environments. We work with on-board software, single and multiprocessor hardware, model driven development and simulation. Our applications include ESA standard On-board Control Procedure solutions, spacecraft cockpit solutions, rendezvous and docking, visual navigation.”

US Air Force UAV Training Facility (Eglin AFB, Florida) uses VCOM for training of UAV pilot and sensor operators. That same UAV system has also been used for US Forestry Service studies of forest fires capturing real-time images during experimental forest test burns. “Using air space not regulated by the Federal Aviation Agency allows unmanned aerial vehicles to gather valuable infrared imagery of the area,” said Kevin Hiers, the natural resources management research branch director and UAV manager. “Imagery (collected from the UAVs) will be added to a repository of other test data obtained at Eglin and used by scientists around to the world to gain a better understanding of fire behavior.”


Fire consumes trees and bushes during a prescribed fire conducted at Eglin Air Force Base Nov. 11-12. More than 90 scientists from the Combustion-Atmospheric-Dynamics-Research-Experiments team, sent from institutions all over the world, set up instruments to record meteorology, smoke particulates and other fire phenomena. Image Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Randy Gon.


Sandia Research Corporation (Mesa, AZ) uses VCOM for a next generation system for analysis of human behavior target discrimination by monitoring both physical and mental activities via a VCOM audio intercom sip matrix and Hi-Res imaging from aircraft platforms. This system studies cognitive learning to accelerate and improve personnel advanced skills training.

intercom vcom

Study participants stations, showing VCOM on right screen of each pair in lower tier. Image Credit: Sandia Research Corporation.

Other VCOM users include Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, Aerospace Corporation, Virgin Galactic / The Spaceship Company. Information about more use cases coming soon.

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Using VCOM in Aerospace Applications Today with SIP (part3)