Add Two-Way Radio, Point-to-Point Intercom, Hoot-N-Holler,
and other Pro Capabilities to Your IP PBX

Hoot-n-Holler VoIP Intercom System Device Interface Screenshot

VCOM PBX+ intelligently connects with IP PBX’s via SIP to add the following capabilities:

-Virtually unlimited, always-on, non-blocking point-to-point intercom channels;

-Virtually unlimited simultaneous conferences with the ability to talk and / or listen to one or more individuals at the same time, without putting anyone on hold. You can even cross patch conferences!;

-PTT / Two-Way Radio (aka Walkie Talkie) over iOS and Android devices, including the ability to connect with legacy gear;

-Private Circuit (aka Hoot or Hoot-n-Holler) over IP, commonly used by financial traders, airlines, weather services, military, and even salvage yards;

-Four-wire and / or SIP bridge to proprietary communication systems, such as those used in financial services, emergency response, broadcast, military, quick service restaurants, and municipal applications;

-Multi-channel monitoring and patching overlay to provide command and control capabilities to call center managers and supervisors.

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