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VCOM Cloud Matrix System App on Windows PC


VCOM Cloud offers all our mission critical communication and support tools as a hosted, turnkey solution with no up-front capital or infrastructure investment. Sign-up and within minutes your system will be activated and ready to connect to any mobile device or computer.

Inmarsat Certifies VCOM Cloud PPT Solution Over It's Satellite Network

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  • Virtually unlimited channels over WiFi, 3/G, 4/G, and satellite;
  • Fully encrypted point-to-points, group calls, and interactive web conferencing;
  • Interoperability with SIP phone systems, hardware comms, and radios.
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  • IP Intercom with full matrix functionality for remote broadcasts, sporting events, and news coverage;
  • Virtual IP Hoot applications for financial traders, defense, transportation, public safety communications and beyond;
  • Radio over IP (RoIP): Push to Talk iPhone & Android Smartphones with easy interoperability to legacy radios.
VCOM Cloud Mission Critical Communication Intercom System in Action

VCOM in use in vehicular application using Inmarsat satellite network for connectivity.


  1. Click to test your connection for VoIP connection quality.
  2. To connect to a VCOM Cloud demo server, download a VCOM User Interface for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac and follow the install prompts.
  3. When you get to the configuration screen, enter Virtual Matrix IP Address ‘’ and port 1000 (if prompted) after the colon.
  4. Login for a live demonstration by selecting a user name of your choice (e.g. name, title, or job function) and “vcom” as the password.
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Basic Functionality

  • Client User Interface Selectors (keys) can be configured for Talk, Listen, or Talk/Listen. Red keys are ‘Talks’ and green keys are ‘Listens.’
  • Client User Interface Selectors dynamically indicate the state of the associated channel -> offline (gray), online (green and/or red), actuated (bright green and/or red), channel activity (color oscillates), incoming call (fast flash; note, click on the flashing selector to establish a return voice path), device active tally (slow flash), in-use tally (slow double flash).
  • VCOM enables Full multi channel / multi access, non-blocking professional and mission critical communications. You can configure the following types of channels: Point-to-Points (private channel between any two operators); Group Calls (one caller to many listeners); PLs (group conferences or “Hoots”).
VCOM Cloud Mission Critical Communication Intercom System in Action

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