VCOM Compatible User Stations

This is a list of recommended headsets and speakers. VCOM will work correctly with any headset or speaker as long as it is compatible with the device you wish to connect it to.

ETC CS-74 Mini SIP Console

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel Push-to-Talk (PTT) Communications
  • 4 native SIP Channels
  • Microphone, handset, or headset options
  • PoE and built in Ethernet hub for expansion
  • Browser-based administration
  • Simultaneous Access to Open Conferences
Push To Talk Intercom SIP Console
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Portable speakerphone with plug-and-play connectivity to PCs via USB and Tablets and Smartphones via Bluetooth.

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Ovislink Headset

This Single Ear Headset model OVHSM372-S35 works flawlessly with VCOM. It comes with an 12 inch Quick Disconnect cord with a 4 conductors 3.5mm connector. No amplifier is needed.

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Maridi MRD-308S Headset

Noise cancellation microphone protects users from surrounding distraction.
Single earpiece with superb clear sound. The headset is comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time while using the VCOM system.

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