VCOM Compatible User Stations

iCOMM VoIP Intercom Systems

Powered by VCOM, iComm User Stations are drop-in compatible with most existing CAT-5 intercom systems and networks and are available as hardware stations, internal modules for custom control surfaces, or as core intercom engines for web-based devices.

 You can push a button on console stations, computers, tablets or smart phone – almost anything – to talk!

 Based on Gigabit Ethernet technology and proven hardware/software platforms, the iComm Intercom System is a flexible and scalable solution designed to meet your specific needs for immediate communication, with the easy ability to expand and meet your future needs.

  • Hundreds of stations per iCOMM System
  • Multiple iCOMM systems per server
  • Multiple party lines and programmable communication groups
  • Use seamlessly with VCOM User Interfaces across operating systems — Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for stations; no power adapters required
  • Kilometers of single cable system coverage with fiber-optic connections
  • Embedded Linux OS ARM with class compliant USB audio platform
  • Standard servers run on Windows desktop PC with no special hardware
iCOMM VoIP Intercom Systems Phone Device
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ETC CS-74 Mini SIP Console

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel Push-to-Talk (PTT) Communications
  • 4 native SIP Channels
  • Microphone, handset, or headset options
  • PoE and built in Ethernet hub for expansion
  • Browser-based administration
  • Simultaneous Access to Open Conferences
Push To Talk Intercom SIP Console
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Portable speakerphone with plug-and-play connectivity to PCs via USB and Tablets and Smartphones via Bluetooth.

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