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VCOM User Interfaces are available for all major platforms — PC’s, Tablet PC’s, Macs, iOS and Android — and provide point-and-click control for establishing talk and/or listen voice paths. Multiple group and individual voice paths can be established simultaneously and multiple conferences can be accommodated in any complexity. Users may talk and/or listen in a single conference or multiple conferences, in any combination and in any sequence. All basic paths are set up in advance and are “always on” for instant multiple channel access for talking and monitoring. Install a VCOM User Interface from our Downloads page and connect to our Demo Server.

VCOM Software User Interface App Displays
iPhone VCOM virtual com matrix system

Key VCOM User Interface Features:

  • Full multi channel / multi access, non-blocking point-and-click communications with virtually unlimited Point-to-Points (private channel between any two operators), Group Calls (one caller to many listeners), and PLs (group conferences or “Hoots”)
  • Selectors (keys) can be configured for Talk, Listen, or Talk/Listen
  • Selectors dynamically indicate the state of the associated channel -> offline (gray), online (green and/or red), actuated (bright green and/or red), channel activity (color oscillates), incoming call (fast flash), device active tally (slow flash), in-use tally (slow double flash)
  • Selectors can be programmed for latch mode, momentary mode, or both
  • Dynamic “Answer Back” selectors indicate incoming calls from clients for whom a dedicated key is not programmed
  • ISO allows for private communications between users
  • Patching/Dispatch function enables users to add/remove 4-wire or SIP ports from PLs
  • Individual selector volumes can be adjusted by +/- 18dB in 6dB increments
  • Onscreen dial-pad for initiating out going calls and caller-ID on selectors for incoming calls via phone / phone system interface

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