VCOM Matrix Server

Matrix Server

The VCOM Virtual Matrix is our platform’s core multi-threaded, server-side summing and mixing audio engine complete with integrated IP-PBX, SIP support, and streaming media server for multi-channel video monitoring. Our Matrix is highly scalable to thousands of users, supports virtually an unlimited number of Point-To-Points, Group Calls, and Party Lines (also referred to as Open Conferences or Hoots), boasts AES-256 encryption, and is fully redundant.

An array of User Interfaces (software / hardware / third-party) are available to meet your specific critical communications requirements. Harness the power of a VCOM Matrix on your private LAN/WAN or choose from one of our turnkey Cloud Solutions.

Request our REST API to integrate VCOM’s full capabilities into your workflow. 

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Key System Requirements and Features:

  • Server Hardware: i5 2400 @ 3.1Ghz (or greater depending on system size)
  • Server OS: Windows 7, 8, Server 2012 (recommended)
  • Network: 100BaseT Connection
  • Firewall: TCP Data / UDP Audio port 1000 (configurable)
  • Virtual Matrix Operation: run as an application or service in the background
  • Encryption: AES-128, 256, FIPS 140-2 Certified
  • Audio Sample Rate: configurable — 8 KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz
  • Codec: configurable —  low / high compression, no codec
  • Failover: Clients immediately login to secondary server if connection to primary is lost
  • SIP: fully functional, integrated SIP registrar / server
  • Video: integrated streaming media server w/ video capture, encoding, and multi-channel viewing and routing from VCOM clients

Rackmount Matrix

Provision your own server or we can do it for you pre-configured with your VCOM / VLink (RTS ADAM trunked version) Virtual Matrix.

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